Four Wheeled Trike


Conversion Kit


Designed & Fabricated by

Phil DeProtine

 (949) 290-6050 

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Save thousands of dollars compared to the cost of kits by doing it yourself!




Here is a 40 page step-by-step detailed narrative, including 50 photos and 17 drawings, for the conversion of any street or touring bike to the four-wheeled Trike+Plus configuration.  Benefit from the hard earned experience chronicled by this CD.  This design approach is applicable to any bike.


The “outrigger” wheel assembly is easily removable in 15 minutes to revert to the original two wheeled motorcycle configuration by undoing six readily accessible bolts.  The modifications to the bike itself are minimal, consisting of adding several bolt-on connecting brackets.


Why pay $15,000 for a permanent trike conversion when $900 will give you the best of both worlds ... a Trike+Plus 


The narrative thoroughly discusses the design considerations, materials, suspension system, welding, riding qualities and all other aspects that must be considered in producing a good looking safe conversion.  This information will save you time and money as you put together your own system while adding to the enjoyment of the entire project.  If you lack the skills, have the design fabricated for you and you will still be way ahead!  This really isn't all that difficult.


If you are even thinking about a conversion of any

 type, get this CD first!


Over 600 Trike+Plus CD customers in 44 states and nineteen countries to date


The CD is in both Microsoft Word and PDF format for easy viewing and printout.


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